Langfeld Counseling, PLLC

Hillary Langfeld MSW, LICSW

Insurance Reimbursement

Langfeld Counseling, PLLC  is able to accept various insurance plans due to it's partnership with Strong Self Mental Health. 

Strong Self Mental Health is in-network with the following insurance plans:

Professional Fees

All fees for services will be collected at the beginning of session through our HIPPA compliant and secure payment application.

Reduced Fee

Financial stress and economic hardships cause difficulties on families and households of all shapes and sizes.  A sliding scale fee option is available for those who apply and qualify due to economic hardships within their household.  I only maintain a certain percentage of my caseload  for clients who need a reduced rate, so please let me know if you are interested in a reduced rate application.  Please note that if you are choosing to pay for services with insurance you do not qualify for a reduced fee rate. 

Sliding scale fee percentages  follow federal poverty line income standards and are listed on the chart below.